Microcapital Brief: Haqdarshak Targets Msmes, Employees Alongside Fee-Based Service For Potential Recipients Of Regime Services Inwards India

Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions, a for-plow a turn a profit service that helps people inwards Republic of India access 254 authorities in addition to private programs, latterly expanded its focus on community organizations besides larger businesses to include micro-, pocket-sized together with medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The house works with these partner organizations to attain their members too employees, who are contacted past Haqdarshak-trained agents to brand upward ane’s heed if together with how they can connect with wellness, financial, educational in improver to other services. The agents as well aid people apply for identification documents. So far, Haqdarshak “has started working amongst shut to two,000 MSMEs inwards Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra every bit good as Rajasthan.”

Haqdarshak charges community organizations a screening fee to brand upward i’s listen individuals’ eligibility, every bit good every bit then it charges the individuals for each service inwards which she or he wants help enrolling. When working amongst employers, the firm bills both of these fees to the employer, so inward that location is no cost to the employee.

Haqdarshak CEO Aniket Doegar said, “We are talking about shut to 1 billion people requiring something or the other, whether it’s a regime document or registration for a scheme. In Bharat, common people notice it scary to larn into all this. I’ve seen even a INR 50 crore [USD one-half-dozen.8 meg] turnover society struggling alongside documentation…so, we haven’t l-50 scratched the surface still.”

Founded inwards 2015, Haqdarshak is a house whose field agents – known every bit “Haqdarshaks” – connect customers to benefits such every fleck gratuitous healthcare, scholarships, pensions together with livelihood support. Between April 2019 every bit well every bit March 2020, Haqdershak served 150,000 applicants, enrolling 126,000 of them inward 1 or more than programs, therefore unlocking benefits totaling INR 2 billion (USD 27 million).

By Nathan Kiplagat, Research Associate

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