Microcapital Result: 17Th Annual Global Microfinance Forum; April 22-23, 2021; Prague, Czech Commonwealth; Straight Off Virtual

This issue – like a shot available inwards virtual format entirely – is centered on helping actors inward the microfinance industry to prosper inwards the context of fourth dimension to come economical as well as regulatory environments. Session topics include repayment suspensions due to the COVID-nineteen pandemic, digitizing microfinance, currency risks, light-green finance likewise microfinance for migrants.

Background on Organizers: Uniglobal is a knowledge-sharing institution based inward the Czech Republic. The arrangement offers events on topics such equally direction, finance as well as wellness.

Cost: The attendance fee is EUR 650 (USD 760) plus 21 pct value-added taxation.

Event website: https://www.uni-global.eu/portfolio-page/17th-annual-global-microfinance-forum/

For additional information, you lot may contact the organizers past e-postal service at post[at]uni-global.eu or +420 226 220 400.

By Kate Finster, Research Associate

Sources inwards addition to Additional Resources

Uniglobal homepage


Event registration


MicroCapital article on the 2020 Global Microfinance Forum from Uniglobal

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